06N - Randall Airport
Middletown, United States

06N - Randall Airport

Middletown, United States

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Random Airports

This app shows satellite views of random airports. Its aim is to introduce you to the variety of airport structures embedded into the landscape. Parts of the website are heavily inspired by David Schmidt's website chuchichechocha.com.


Technologies and Data Sources

This app is based on the Google Maps API, which on the one hand provides a powerful programming interface for web-based mapping applications, and on the other hand opens access to high quality satellite imagery for places all over the world.

The backend is realized in Python with the help of the excellent Flask micro framework.

The locations of airports have been imported from the public domain data provided by the aviation enthusiasts at OurAirports.com. The app displays randomly selected airports of the categories 'large_airport','medium_airport' and 'small_airport' for which runway coordinates are available.

Furthermore, the user interface incorporates icons from Font Awesome and fonts from Google Fonts.


This is brought to you by me, Florian Pigorsch. Feel free to contact me via Google+ or mail. The source code of this app can be found at Github.


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Some Examples

Here's a list of 10 random airports: