ETAD/SPM - Spangdahlem Air Base
Trier, Germany

ETAD/SPM - Spangdahlem Air Base

Trier, Germany

Spangdahlem Air Base (IATA: SPM, ICAO: ETAD, former code EDAD) is a NATO air base with USAF tenant constructed between 1951 and 1953 and located near the small German town of Spangdahlem, approximately 30 km NNE of the city of Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate. == Units == Spangdahlem is home of the 52d Fighter Wing, which maintains, deploys and employs Lockheed Martin Block 50 F-16CM/DM. In total, 4,800 military personnel, 840 German nationals and 200 US contractors are working at the base. === The 52d Operations Group === 480th Fighter Squadron: F-16CM/F-16DM === The 52d Maintenance Group === Group consists of three squadrons: 52d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 52d Maintenance Squadron 52d Maintenance Operations === The 52d Mission Support === Group consists of civil engineer, communications, contracting, logistics readiness, security forces and force support squadrons: 52d Civil Engineer Squadron 52d Communications Squadron 52d Contracting Squadron 52d Logistics Readiness Squadron 52d Security Forces Squadron 52d Force Support Squadron 470th Air Base Squadron, Geilenkirchen, Germany === The 52d Medical Group === Consists of aerospace medicine, dental, medical operations and medical support squadrons: 52d Aerospace Medicine 52d Dental Squadron 52d Medical Operations Squadron 52d Medical Support Squadron === The 52d Munitions Maintenance Group === Provides four fully capable U.S. munitions support squadrons responsible for the ownership, custody, accountability and release of war reserve munitions supporting Belgian, Dutch, German and Italian air forces: 52d Munitions Maintenance Group 701st Munitions Support Squadron, Kleine Brogel Air Base, Belgium 702d Munitions Support Squadron, Büchel Air Base, Germany 703d Munitions Support Squadron, Volkel Air Base, Netherlands 704th Munitions Support Squadron, Ghedi Air Base, ItalyThe wing supports the Supreme Allied Commander Europe with mission-ready personnel and systems providing expeditionary air power.

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Random Airports

This app shows satellite views of random airports. Its aim is to introduce you to the variety of airport structures embedded into the landscape.